Boston Scientific GROW Program

by Siofra Kelleher — on  , 


This Summer I will be working in Boston Scientific as a part of their GROW program.

The program aims to give engineering, science and biotechnology students experience working on BSCI product lines, as well as learn valuable skills in classes. These classes cover a wide ranch of topics, including presentation skills, resiliance, emotional intelligence and project management.

I originally was not going to take up on the offer, as I felt production line work did not match well with my Business Information Systems course. However, after speaking with those in charge of the program, they instead placed me with the product release team. I am very grateful to BSCI for making this accommodation, and my mentor, Colyn Murphy's encouragement to start in Boston Scientific. I have only been in BSCI for two weeks but already I have learned an immense amount about their products, cleanroom and gowning procedures, product release paperwork reviews, endotoxin testing and more. It is fantastic to get a perspective on the medical device manufacturing journey, starting at materials being delivered to the warehouses, to the production of said device, sterilisation, testing, boxpack and shipping. Working in product release I have also gained a thorough knowledge on quality and regulatory processes.

This experience will be invaluable as I come closer to graduation and my career in medical devices. I am looking forward to what more I can learn this Summer.