Medtech Challenge

by Siofra Kelleher — on  ,  , 


The Medtech Research Society is new in UCC. They are dedicated to encouraging and enhancing medical research in UCC and get students involved in medical research.

I heard of MRT society through their diabetes technology talk, in which I had a really enjoyable conversation with fellow students about different insulin therapies such as insulin pumps, MDI, DIY Looping and Open APS.

This was their first Medtech Challenge event and it was a great experience. After brief talks from the mentors, John Gaffney, Paul Anglim PhD, Eamon Curtin, Padraig Cantillon-Murphy and Patrick Henn, we were split into groups.

The challenge was simple, find a MedTech solution to a problem in our current health system. There was a lot of ideas, and they were all very impressive. AI tools to manage antibiotic resistance, and using existing monitoring technologies to improve sleep-related disorder detection.

I enjoyed the day and getting to meet and work with students from different courses. If you want to see more of MRT society's events I've included their social links below this post.

My Medtech Challenge Team

Medtech Research Soc Facebook

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