Making a site

by Siofra Kelleher — on  , 


I'd been meaning to get around to writing about how to make a web site and I guess that time is now. I always thought making a web site would be very easy but I was wrong! I had some help to get this one set up - the 'hosting' thing went over my head. But I like the editing to put in my stories and photos etc. Also, the way you add entries to my site is kinda different to many sites. It doesn't have a database 'cause that just makes it way too complicated. Instead, I just create a folder on my Mac mini and in there I put all the images that I want for a post. Finally, I create a simple text file called - in there I write the words.


Though I've done HTML & CSS in CoderDojo, it takes a lot of work just to make a simple amount on the screen. Instead this setup uses a 'language' called Markdown which is way easier and lets me just get on with the post.

You can still do bold or italics real easy. For bold, just surround your word with double-asterisks, and single ones for italics. You can do bulletted lists just by using a single asterisk per line in front of your list. I find this way better than HTML.

The whole system is call Grav and is 'open-source' which means it's also free to use!