Thrivebetes Interview

by Siofra Kelleher — on  , 


Recently I got the opportunity to be interviewed by internationnally known Irish diabetes advocate, Gráinne Flynn.

You may know Gráinne from Thriveabetes or her blog, Blood Sugar Trampoline. Funnily enough, I've known Gráinne since 2014! While at Websummit representing Coderdojo, her husband(a coderdojo volunteer) got talking to my father and I and of course, diabetes came up. Contacts were swapped, and Gráinne has since been a fountain of knowledge for my family, as well as the Irish diabetes community. Gráinne's unrelenting advocacy to get Irish diabetics heard and listened to has been a huge inspiration in my own advocacy journey, and as one of those diabetics I have seen the changes Gráinne and other advocates have made to the diabetes landscape.

Being able to speak to Gráinne about what education is like for a Type one was a unique opportunity and I can only hope that my own experiences will help others. I already have made an impact on a friend of mine, who contacted me to let me know that they had no idea how difficult it was to be a ceoliac and how much planning was required. I hope these videos can help you in a similar way!